Electronic Control Products

Elastomeric keypads are suitable for any application that requires data entry interface. They can be easily integrated into new or existing designs, while offering a lower unit cost than conventional switching products. Our elastomeric keypads possess excellent tactile response along with customized special finishes, colors, sizes, and shapes of keys. Their long life and resistance to extreme temperatures will supply you with years of trouble-free performance.

  • Single or multiple color surfaces
  • Fluorescent, anti-microbial finishes
  • Inclusion of conductive pills
  • Backlighting: LEDs, EL, fiber-optics, light guide film

For a more detailed list of design options, please visit our capabilities page.

  • Laser etching
  • Electronic design
  • 3D design
  • Mechanical layout
  • Contract manufacturing & fully integrated assemblies

For a more detailed list of processes, please visit our capabilities page.

  • Elastomerics
    • Silicone
    • Fluorosilicone
  • Overcoatings
    • Epoxy
    • Polyurethane
  • Keycaps
    • Plastic
    • Stainless steel

For a more detailed list of materials, please visit our capabilities page.

Please click the link below to download a set of design guidelines that has been created to assist you with the development of your custom elastomeric keypad.

Elastomeric Keypad Design Guidelines

“Thank you both for expediting these keypad orders, this was a great help and much appreciated!”

Sara F., Smiths Medical