Electronic Control Products

When you use a custom membrane switch from Wilson-Hurd, you will receive the best in quality and performance. Our highly skilled engineering team will carefully review your requirements to design the optimum switch for your application. With a completely sealed design, our membrane switches are the perfect solution for any harsh environment. We offer flex membrane switches, as well as complex membrane switch assemblies that incorporate value-added components such as displays, backlighting, back panels, PCBs, and FPCs. 

  • Tactile or non-tactile response
  • Selective Texture
  • Backlighting: LEDs, EL, fiber-optic, & light guide film
  • Displays: VFD, LED, LCD
  • Touchscreens: resistive & capacitive
  • ESD, RFI, & EMI shielding
  • Printed circuit boards (PCBs) & flexible printed circuits (FPCs)
  • Kapton circuits
  • Machined back panels
  • Injection molded plastic
  • Toggle switches
  • Encoders

For a more detailed list of design options, please visit our capabilities page.

  • Emboss (pad, rim) & de-boss
  • Force sensing switching
  • Software & firmware design
  • Electronic design
  • Mechanical layout
  • Contract manufacturing & fully integrated assemblies

For a more detailed list of processes, please visit our capabilities page.

  • Overlays
    • Elastomeric
    • Polyester
    • Polycarbonate
  • Windows or lenses
    • Acrylic
    • Polyester
    • Polycarbonate
  • Enclosures
    • Metal
    • Plastic

For a more detailed list of materials, please visit our capabilities page.

Please click the link below to download a set of design guidelines that has been created to assist you with the development of your custom membrane switch.

Membrane Switch Design Guidelines

“A big Thank You to all at Wilson Hurd for getting the prototypes made and out to us.”

Steve H., Redcom