Electronic Control Products

Featuring a completely sealed design with no moving parts, this high quality switch offers an extremely long life within a very rigid construction. Additional features can be incorporated into the design of your PiezoPanel® including visible & audible feedback, LEDs, selective texture, clear or colored windows or lenses, metal or plastic back panels, displays, and adjustable operating sensitivity.

With a sealed, corrosion-resistant top overlay to protect the electrical switch package, PiezoPanels may be placed in even the toughest environments including oil and gas exploration; oceanographic applications; and food processing plants. If your switching application requires durability beyond comparison, our PiezoPanels are just the solution.

  • Selective texture
  • Clear or colored windows or lenses
  • ESD, RFI, & EMI shielding
  • Backlighting: LEDs
  • Displays: VFD, LED, & LCD
  • Visible & audible feedback
  • Printed piezo

For a more detailed list of design options, please visit our capabilities page.

  • Adjustable operating sensitivity
  • Electronic design
  • Mechanical layout
  • Software & firmware design
  • Contract manufacturing & fully integrated assemblies

For a more detailed list of processes, please visit our capabilities page.

  • Faceplate
    • Stainless steel
    • Aluminum
    • Glass
    • Plastic
  • Back panels/Bezels/Enclosures
    • Metal
    • Plastic

For a more detailed list of materials, please visit our capabilities page.

Please click the link below to download a set of design guidelines that has been created to assist you with the development of your custom PiezoPanel®.

PiezoPanel® Design Guidelines

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